Aug 3, 2012

{this moment: farmer baby}

Inspired by SouleMama

{this moment} - A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savour and remember. If you're inspired to do the same, leave a link to your 'moment' in the comments for all to see.

"If we take care of the moments, the years will take care of themselves." Maria Edgeworth

Wishing you a wonderful weekend full of amazing moments!


  1. Oh goodness! That is too cute for words! Love the grass in her mouth...hysterical! Have a great weekend!

  2. How precious! What an expression, just darling ☺ I have moved, I'm no longer on blogger. When you get a minute, stop in and visit. My moment is at


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