Jul 21, 2012

My Favourite Apps

Last October, I entered the land of iPeople and got my first iPhone. I quickly realized there was no turning back... I am an iPhone fanatic! In my exploration of this unbelievable Apple product, I have stumbled across some fantastic applications (apps) that I thought I would share with you!

Health and Fitness

My Net Diary
My goodness, do I ever LOVE this app! I can track the calories from the food I've eaten, log in the exercises I've done, track my weight and measurements, as well as monitor my water intake. It even has a scanner so you can scan UPCs to obtain the nutritional content of many foods! At $3.99, this app is an affordable must-have for the health and fitness enthusiast!

My Five Minute Yoga Practice
Too busy to set aside a large block of time for fitness? Then try to squeeze in a few five minute sessions of yoga. I love that there's even a yoga practice to do at the kitchen counter! $2.99

All In Yoga
This is THE BEST yoga app particularly if you want a full session of yoga. The screen displays each of the poses, you have the option to turn audible promptings on or off and you can even select your own playlist to listen to while doing your yoga session! With over 300 poses in the database, there is a range of workouts for all skill levels. There are over 40 ready-made programs but the ability to make your own yoga workout is also phenomenal as you can even select how long to hold each particular pose. This app is a steal at $0.99!

5K Runner
I want to run in a marathon half marathon, but how do I prepare my body for such a challenge? Enter this great little app. Pop in your headphones, press start and follow the commands to walk or run (all while listening to your favourite tunes)! 35 minutes a day, 3 days a week... by the end of the eight weeks, you are running 5k. How awesome is that?! Also, if you are the type of person that needs rewards and accolades, this app also gives you periodic "badges" to commend you for a job well done. $2.99
**There's also a 10K runner app available**

SleepStream 2: Pro
Do you have troubles falling asleep or unwinding after a hectic day? Are you regularly exhausted mid-day or need a boost to get through an afternoon meeting? If so, this is the perfect app for you! Pop in your headphones, customize your sounds (i.e. rain, distant thunder, forest, etc.) and program the app based upon what you need (i.e. instant energy, power nap, pre-sleep meditation, tired to motivated, mood lifter, tired to focused, creativity, etc.). Worth every cent at a very affordable $2.99 but sometimes goes on sale for $0.99.

Organization and Time Management

Type in your random thoughts and sort/classify them into categories when you find time later in the day. I love this app because I get many random thoughts and inspirations throughout the day. I've also been using this app to record notes on my baby's milestones so that they can later be added to her baby book. This app helps me make note of (and organize) my many thoughts. FREE!

Home Library
I know I've mentioned this brilliant little app before but I must tell you about it again because it's awesome! Scan the UPC code from your personal books, DVDs or CDs and the picture and details about the item is instantly added to your personal "library". A monetary value is also assigned to your collection! You can record if you've loaned out a particular item and also document items you've borrowed from friends and family! I love that when I'm in the book store, I can just whip out my iPhone, scan a UPC and see if I already own a particular title. This app is a must have... and it's only $1.99!

Fun and Games

Trade Nations
Build a nation. Trade resources with neighbours. Design your nation any way you would like. Much fun... and it's FREE!

Words With Friends
Like Scrabble? Then this is the app for you. Start a game with a friend or a random opponent and play at your own pace. FREE if you don't mind the advertisements.


YouVersion Bible
This is simply the best Bible app. Access various versions of the Bible as well as hundreds of devotionals and Bible reading plans! There's a bookmark and notes feature as well. FREE!

I know Instagram is the hot photo app right now, but I love the pictures I shoot with my Hipstamatic. Choose a flash, lens, film, even your camera case and snap a picture. Unique and stylish photos (and so much FUN)! $1.99 for the base model and $0.99 for additional film/flash/lens paks.

TuneIn Radio
My brother-in-law recently told me about this awesome app. Tune into any radio station around the world. 5 years ago my husband and I had a beautiful honeymoon in Kauai. Ever since then we have been nostalgic for Island Radio 98.9. This great app allows us to listen to all that fantastic Jawaiian music that we've been missing so much! FREE! 

Do you have a favourite app? If so, please tell me about it!

My opinions of these apps are my own and I was not compensated by any means for writing about these apps.


  1. Exploring on bloggy moms today and saw your post. Happy find! I haven't heard of any of these apps! Going to get the yoga one right now! Thanks!

    1. Glad you stopped by. Thanks for your comment... I hope you enjoy the yoga app as much as I do.


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