Jun 4, 2012

The Mindful Greeting

Think of how many times you greet someone. Visitors that come to your home, your coworkers, your clientele, your friends, your partner, your children... at some point in the day, every day, you greet someone.

One of the best parts of my day is when I enter my 10-month-old's room after she's been sleeping. As I open the door, I can see her sitting on her knees. The minute she realizes I'm there, she bounces up and down, smiles the biggest smile and claps her hands. I love it... and it melts my heart every time. Just imagine what our relationships would be like if we greeted someone as if they were, at that moment, the best and most important person in the world.

Upon arriving at work, instead of grumping to a colleague about the weather or the terrible traffic: you could smile, say hello and let them know you are happy to see them. Imagine what our jobs would be like if everyone smiled and warmly greeted each other.

Upon meeting a friend for coffee, instead of barraging them with the details of our lives: you could take a moment to express how important they are to you and how much you value the time you spend together.

Instead of rushing our children through the morning routine: snuggle with them and tell them that you love them. Just imagine how attached and secure our children would feel if we did this on a daily basis.

Instead of greeting our spouses with lists of things to do and our frustrations: greet them with a kiss and a strong embrace. Just imagine how connected we would feel and how loving our marriages would be.

We encounter and greet people so many times in the day. Don't say hello out of habit... but rather say hello to connect, to open up, to express love, and to welcome someone into your life. I sincerely believe that if we gave more love and deliberate attention to this common exchange, we could change the world, one greeting at a time.

A special thank you to Sofia from Sofia's Ideas for providing this wonderful opportunity to participate in this blog posting link-up.
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  1. Agree. Very good reminder! My Magic of the Mundane post is here: http://likemamalikedaughter.blogspot.com/2012/05/wonderfull-full-of-wonder-wednesday_30.html

  2. What a wonderful reminder! I remember when I would pick the boys up in the evenings after work and they'd run across the room and grab me around the legs...all the troubles of the day would disappear.

  3. Awesomesauce!!! This is just terrific!

  4. thanks for this! a brilliant reminder!

  5. I so agree with you, Jennifer! This is something I definitely keep in the forefront of my mind. I have a different song I sing in the morning, for each of my lovies. I try to genuinely look excited when they (or I) walk into the room. And I try to be cheerful as much as I can in my everyday interactions. I'm definitely not perfect, but there's always, always room for improvement.

    The last paragraph, btw, is perfection! Love it!

  6. Thank you. That was was very heartwarming. You're very good at appreciating the finest moments!


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