May 7, 2012

A Song of Joy

I love music. I especially like to sing. In fact, I'm notorious for making up random "piggyback" songs about anything and everything. 

My husband is also very musical. He plays the guitar, the ukulele, the banjo and he likes to tinker on the piano. It's no wonder that our children have a fascination with music as well.

A few days ago I had a terrible headache. My head pounded... it throbbed... and of course, that's when my four-year-old decides that it was the perfect time to play the harmonica. She blew frantically into the instrument... hitting a note which vibrated off of the aching nerves of my brain. I wanted to ask her to stop. I wanted to go into my bedroom and lock the door behind me. I wanted to tell her that I had a headache and that her "music" was not making it better.

But then I paused. I watched. And I marveled....


To some, this video may seem like random noise made by a child. But to me it was a song of confidence... a display of a child's pleasure in their creation of sound. To me it was a song of love... performed by one sister for another. To me it was a song of discovery... that which a child gets from exploring their world through an instrument. To me it was a precious gift of a moment when a mom chooses to say yes... to rest in the moment and delight in the song of joy, that motherhood so often brings.

~ ~ ~

Thank you to Sofia, from Sofia's Ideas for inviting me to participate in this blog posting link-up. 


  1. Those are some tough moments...particularly when the head aches...but allow them that moment and giving them them belief in themselves is an awesome thing!

  2. Oh, it's a sad day when my typing goes in the toilet....The easiest way to say what I was trying to say is "you done good."

  3. That is really what is all about, right? Living in the moment. Chosing the better thing. Good job Mama!

  4. Jennifer!!! I love this video, this little snippet into your life, a little snippet of your adorable lil' lovies! I am so sorry about your headache, I can totally relate but I love that instead of telling her to put a cork in it, you said YES, and took a video! You are so amazing! I would have taken the harmonica and hidden it as part of a "silent movie scavenger hunt" or some other nonsense! LOL!
    BTW, also love the blue chair in the background!!!

  5. Music is always a gift, especially when cute kids make it :). I like how you were mindful of that precious moment...

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