May 17, 2012

Cat On A Hot Car Hood

I am allergic to cats. Now when I say allergic... I mean ALLERGIC. They make me sick, sick, sick.

My neighbourhood is full of cats. They prance around my yard and rub up against our patio door just to drive my dog crazy. They fight all night... every night. They scoot across the sidewalk in front of you just to give you a heart attack. And... they stalk me. Seriously. Maybe not all of them but there's this one cat that just won't leave me alone. 

It all started a couple months ago. I returned from a shopping trip with my kids and I parked the car in our stall.  The minute I turned the engine off, this black cat jumped up on the hood of my car and gave me a look as if he was saying, "What the hell are you doing in MY car." I swear... that's what his eyes told me!

Since then, almost every time I go out to the car I have an encounter with him. He's either jumping up on my car after I park or sitting on the hood when I go out to the car. The worst is when I'm leaving to go somewhere because he won't get off the hood unless I push him off. The other day the neighbours gave me a look of death because I was pushing him off with my purse. I'm sure it looked like I wasn't being nice but I didn't want to touch him because I'm so allergic. Oh well. Who cares what they think... right?!

Anyway, here's a picture of my little feline "friend".

He's kind of cute don't you think? I just hope he doesn't get a girlfriend or a whole bunch of friends... now that would be unpleasant.

A side note... I needed my hubby's help to come up with the title for this posting. I give him FULL credit for the title and I thought I would share the other titles that he came up with (as it gave us a few laughs)....

The Cat Came Back the Very Next Day (And The Day After That And The Day After That....)


I Tawt I Taw a Puddy Tat

The Cat That Just Wouldn't Stay Away


Where's Curiosity When You Need It?


  1. My sister suffered from cat allergies for most of her life, but she refused to give up her feline friends. Now that she is older, it doesn't seem to bother her. Go figure. And tell your hubby, he picked an intriguing title for your post ☺

  2. Seriously? One more thing we have in common? I am sooooo allergic to cats too! And I know... its like they sense it and they taunt us!!! LOL


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