Apr 2, 2012

The Blue Chair

I have a special place in my home. It's the blue chair.

You see, I regularly sit in this chair. The times are rather predictable; 10:30 pm, 2:00 am, 5:30 am, 7:30 am and miscellaneous times throughout the day. The blue chair is located in my baby's room and it's the chair that I sit in while breastfeeding her.

It's not the most comfortable chair but it is the perfect height and firmness for a breastfeeding mom.

When my first daughter was born, I tried breastfeeding her in all sorts of places. Laying down made me want to fall asleep, I could not manage in the rocking chair, the couch was too distracting for both her and me.

The blue chair filled the need perfectly.

However, the blue chair has become so much more than a supper table for my baby... it is my place.

As I settle in with my baby, I usually begin my reverie by looking down at her. I admire her perfect beauty and marvel at the miracle of her creation. Sometimes, I look around the room. I gaze at the picture of her as a newborn, I look at the crib and the white bedding that covers it. I admire the soothing, taupe paint that enrobes her room and I pause to contemplate the imperfections of the drywall and the sharp contrast between the brown of the walls and the white of the ceiling.

Then my mind begins to wander. It travels to distant places and memories old and new. I think about how much my life has changed. I may reminisce about the birth of both of my daughters... and how life was before and after their births. I think about family and happy moments together. I ponder life's celebrations, special occasions, trips and adventures.

But more recently, my mind goes to another place... a place where I meet with my saviour. A place full of peace and joy. As I sit in the blue chair, my mind goes to a thankful place, a worshipping place, a praying place. I may meditate on God's word or I may pray for the loved ones in my life. I may pray for strength, for clarity, or a miracle. I may pray for family, for friends or for a world full of people I haven't met. My words are small, my whispers don't nearly cover what I wish to express but He knows me, He knows my heart, He knows my desires.

Tears often fill my eyes in this place. Sometimes they're tears of sadness and grief but more often they are tears of humility and overwhelming gratitude that I have found a home with my Lord. A place in His house and a seat at His dinner table.

This is my place. This is my chair. This is my seat in the presence of the Lord.

A special thank you to Sofia from Sofia's Ideas for inviting me to participate in this blog posting link-up.


  1. What lovely words, Jennifer! I've felt similar things about the nursing nooks that I've carved out in different places throughout Silas' first year. It is magical indeed.

  2. Wow, Jennifer. I can FEEL the strength of your gratitude and conviction. How beautiful, to have a place, and a time, to bless yourself and others, and to become centered throughout your days and nights...

    Thank you for this contribution, Jennifer... Thank you, every single week...


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