Mar 22, 2012

Yes You Can Move The Dirt Out Of My Garden

My daughter was playing outside and upon checking on her, I discovered that she was busy moving the dirt out of my garden to another location in the yard. At first I wanted her to stop... I need the dirt in the garden so I can plant my seeds in April! Then I paused... and "said" yes.

This posting is part of a personal challenge to make a conscientious effort to Pause and Say Yes. Have you paused and said yes recently?


  1. ok, I found you. Now if I just don't lose you again. I am so techno-challenged there isn't even a Dumber Than Dirt Book for me. With this second batch of kids, I,too am trying to say yes more and praise more than I say no . Jody, The Medicare Mom

    1. It's funny how challenging it can be to say yes more. Good for you for making an effort to say yes more this time around!

  2. Oh, and dthanks for stopping by my blog thing.

  3. My daughter is grown now, so keep that in mind when you read my bad-mother-sounding comment. LOL

    You see, while I understand and even agree with the sound, rational concept of "Pause and Say Yes," I'm ashamed to admit I found myself entirely focused on how this pertains to me and my diet...

    For I have paused and said yes far too many times. :-o


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