Mar 5, 2012

Love On The Cutting Board

What a day.
My emotions have been in overdrive.
My four-year-old has been challenging everything I say and do.
My seven-month-old, who is normally content, is extra-fussy.
The dog puked.
There's a mountain of laundry to be done.
I need to make baby food.
I'm exhausted, but there's so much to be done.
To make matters worse it's only 11 am. My hubby won't be home for a few hours.

I get out the cutting board and a knife.

The yam that has been sitting on the counter for the past few days seems to be mocking me. A number of times I looked at it and thought, "Today is the day I'll make baby found out of you". However, something would always distract me from this chore.

Today IS the day.

I look at it... such an odd shape. It's like a flower. It's rippled all the way around, which makes peeling it extra challenging. I go to work and swear that the next time I'm grocery shopping, I'll buy a yam that's a normal shape so it will be easier to peel.

Today is just one of those days. Everything feels so challenging... so frustrating. Nothing is going right, or as planned.

As I start to cut into the yam, I look out the window. It's overcast...  which is reflective of the way I'm feeling right now. Gloomy. Dull. Grey.

I want to run away. I want to escape to a place of quiet calmness. A place where no one is needing me or expecting me to be their everything. I need rest. I need solitude. I need sunshine. More importantly, right now, I need a hug.

I look down at my cutting board. Lo and behold, the most beautiful message spelled out in yam.

Thank you God. I needed that. I love you too.

Thank you to Sofia from Sofia's Ideas for inviting me to participate in this blog posting link-up.


  1. love it when you get a moment like that on a difficult day.
    I had the same issue with yams, actually-- I don't like them, I would get one to feed Sam, and I would just stare at it for several days before I got around to doing anything with it.

  2. Oh, we Mamas all have days like this...and just when we're ready to pull our hair out something like that happens...just a gentle reminder...Happy Monday!

  3. I feel you on having one of those days...
    So glad there was something there to give you the little boost that you needed (and deserved).

  4. Oh, Jennifer! This post is magical! When I got to the end, I physically felt a tug on my heart and said out loud "Oh my God, I love this post!"

    Just the other day, I texted my husband at work because I was having one of those days. I was losing my mind. So when I read this, I was once again, nodding along with your words. See what I mean about being relatable? One of these days, Jennifer, we have to meet! Even if its just on Google+ hangout!

    Loved this post through and through.

  5. Hugs!!! Some days are just harder than others. I'm glad you found some good in your day!

  6. awww...i've had those days!!! ((((hug for you)))).


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