Mar 29, 2012

From Trash Can To Playroom

It all started with my daughter retrieving an empty cracker box from the recycling bin. She put it on the shelf of her toy kitchen and asked me if I wanted to buy it from her. So began our creation of a grocery store in our very own home.

First we gathered our "groceries" and priced them.
We even found a cute shopping basket for our store!

This grocery store is for the rich and famous... $800 for a jug of water and $600 for a box of crackers!

So we're not quite sure why the grocery store was named, "Super Dooper Store", especially given the outrageous pricing!

Even though you'll need a second mortgage to shop here, you're still expected to bag your own groceries.

Customer-of-the-month award goes to... Daddy.

He visits the store multiple times per day...
and he always has a smile.

The best part of the store... the scanner.
It even beeps (and sometimes boops).

Then there's the money... glorious money.

Lastly, this store even has a door greeter.
She's not that thrilled about her job.
She wants to be a box crusher/eater.

Several stuffed animal friends have worked at the grocery store, every family member has been a customer and new items are being added to the shelves on a daily basis. I'm sure the store will be sticking around for a while, as it's been so much fun turning "trash" into play!


  1. Haha! That's great! I once paid 90 bucks for a muffin... I love your door greeter!

    I'm totally going to do this. Homeschooling!

    Math - money, addition, subtraction.
    Social Studies - members of the community, careers.
    Health - nutrition, germs (grocery baskets!). Language Arts - writing signs, reading labels, making lists.
    Science - where does the grocer get these veggies anyway?!
    Art - signs must have pictures!
    Phys Ed - ummm... let's learn the proper way to lift a heavy basket. Over and over! haha...

    1. This is an AWESOME homeschooling project! It's all about the "learning-through-play", hey Natalie!

      You could weigh things as well!

      We had a purposeful trip to the grocery store shortly after we set up the store (so we could get more ideas for it). My daughter also LOVES looking at the grocery store flyers.

    2. Yes!! Weighing stuff!! And FLYERS!

  2. This is such a great way to teach so many lessons. Long ago, we had a pre-school program and did something similar. The children never seemed to tire of it, always adding more and more items. Each week we would put items 'on sale' and 'X% off' which allowed us to teach them how to figure out how much a sale item would cost. It was great fun!

    1. I love learning-through-play experiences. The best ones seem to go hand-in-hand with dramatic play opportunities!

  3. Once for Chistmas I gave the 2yr old a giant cardboard box the size our dryer came in. She played with that box for weeks and weeks, far longer than any of the other toys Ihad gotten her. I cut holes in the side for shutter windws, a drop down window for drive by, a double door in the back, even a sun roof.

  4. I am a year late to this party, but that is so cute. We played store at my house, too. All three used this tiny juice can, amongst other things. Only the can survived long.


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