Mar 6, 2012

Add Some Pizzazz To Drawing

Sometimes it's challenging to come up with spontaneous craft activities for kids. Often, when we are short of ideas we resort to our old favourites, such as drawing. To make matters worse, our children may balk at the idea of drawing.

Here are some quick ideas to excite your children about drawing once again.

Super-sized drawing
Tape a huge piece of paper to your kitchen table. Add containers of felt markers, pencil crayons, and wax crayons.

Easel drawing
Set up the easel with a large piece of paper and assorted pencils and crayons. I keep a large stack of paper by my daughter's easel so that she can make as many drawings as she likes. I also rotate the drawing materials every few days.

Upside-down drawing
Tape a piece of paper under a table and watch your kids delight in drawing under the table!

Drawing on different materials
Get your children to draw on tin foil, wax paper or coffee filters. Sometimes a different material can provide a fresh excitement about the activity!

Set your a mirror, some drawing implements and a piece of paper. Observe your children create masterpieces of themselves!

Place a bowl of fruit, pine cones or other assorted objects on the table. A simple provocation can provide a world of inspiration for your little artists.

Rainbow drawings
Tape several markers or crayons together and observe your child explore drawing with them.

Clipboard drawings
Attach a pencil on a long sting to a clipboard. Make sure there's lots of paper on the clipboard!

Light table drawings
Tape a piece of paper to a light table. Provide markers and wax crayons.

So the next time your child says that drawing is boring... try one of these quick fixes! Guaranteed they will be excited about drawing once again.

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