Jan 24, 2012

Watching Baby Learn

Babies grow at a tremendous rate. Sometimes it feels like you blink and all of a sudden they've mastered three new skills.

I love watching my baby and observing how she interacts with things. She just turned six months old and it feels like we've hit the "magical" age where so many changes take place!

For instance, the other day I was holding her and I walked over to the mirror. She initially looked at herself and smiled. Then she looked at the image of me. A confused look came over her face. She craned her neck and wiggled her body to look up at me. Then she looked back at the mirror. She looked at me again and then she looked at the mirror. Then she reached out and touched the mirror.

There was a stunned look on her face as her hand touched the hard surface. We stood there for a while and she stared. She stuck out her tongue. She stared some more.

I held her. I watched her. Then I kissed the top of her head.

Once again she smiled and began yelling gibberish at the mirror.

I love that I was a part of this moment... that I took the time to pause in my day and observe her learning and making sense of her world.


  1. i LOVE that age!!!! 6 months is amazing- just wait till 9 months! ugh, i miss them so tiny!

  2. OMGosh! Would you look at the pair of you?! This photo put a smile on my face. Reading this post just made me giggle because I recall that mirror moment with Mia just a few months back, and I remember big grateful to have been a part of it too.
    Jennifer, you really are a deliberate mom...

  3. What a wonderful picture. I had a similar experience with my son. 6 months - beautiful.

  4. I'm glad you can enjoy your children. She looks so precious. Crystal

  5. At 13 months my little one is still mastering so many new things and I agree - it's amazing watching him figure out the world!


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