Dec 6, 2011

What My Daughter Wants For Christmas

I thought this was a post-it-note "worthy" posting. Enjoy!


  1. So funny! she can have some of that! I have a four year old too. They're a blast. Happy December from Vancouver, Canada!

  2. That was funny! Great blog!
    -Audri (

  3. That's what my sons want! I haven't been caught up on laundry all week and they are 'suffering'!

  4. SO adorable!!! I loved that age!! Better get crackin' Mommy, and make up some laundry, lol!

  5. Mine is 4 too! So for this Xmas I found a real neat site!
    You can use a photo from your own home and insert one of their Santa's and presto PROOF! Which is necessary this year (4 & 9 year old )... I'd like to see how he (my 9) will answer with the picture I made!


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