Dec 29, 2011

Questions And Answers (For Children)

Now that my daughter is almost four, I thought I would start the annual tradition of asking her a series of questions and then document her responses. Some of her responses made perfect sense and some made me laugh. Here is the 2012 edition of questions and answers....

What's your favourite colour?

If you could give Mommy any gift what would it be?
Underwear. (What a little goof.)

If you could give Daddy any gift what would it be?
Underarm deodorant. (Ha ha! Burn!)

What's your favourite game?
Stone Soup. (It's a cooperative matching game... and we play it regularly).

What's your favourite supper?
Salad. (Really? She eats her salads but I wouldn't have thought it was her favourite!)

What's your favourite dessert?
Cupcakes. (Indeed. She's a cupcake fiend!)

What do you want to be when you grow up?
A princess in a castle. (Some friends recently bought her a princess dress-up set for Christmas, so we have now entered the princess phase.)

What is Mommy's job?
Paint the walls. (My hubby would like this one... he hates to paint.)

What is Daddy's job?
He just works so hard watching all the children.

What does Mommy always say to you?
Don't touch things that are not yours. (I didn't think I said it that much....)

What does Daddy always say to you?
Don't make bad choices. (He actually encourages her to make good choices... but it's all in how a child interprets things isn't it?)

Where's your favourite place to go?
Wal-Mart. (I cringed... she likes Wal-Mart more than parks or the lake?)

What does Mommy do very well?
She plays music.

What does Daddy do very well?
He catches me.

Who's your favourite person to play with?
My baby sister. (Awwww! Let's hope she still says that in a few years.)

I wonder how much these answers will change over the next year. Do you do annual Q & A's with your children?


  1. What a great idea! Love her answers!

  2. What a cute thing to do! Hmmm, I wonder where she gets her love of cupcakes from? ;)

  3. this is awesome. thanks for sharing!

  4. This is adorable. I love hearing how children see the world...can't wait until my own guy is old enough to answer questions!


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