Dec 26, 2011

Our Christmas

Well, Christmas this year wasn't as we had planned or expected. My husband got sick (we suspect food poisoning) so, many of our plans/traditions changed. Here are some photographic highlights from the past few days....

Looking at Christmas lights while sipping hot drinks and eating candy canes.

Visiting Grandma at her extended care facility and singing Christmas carols with her.
She has Alzheimer's and Dementia but she remembered the words to every carol.
Candlelight church service on Christmas Eve.

Matching pajamas!

Watching It's A Wonderful Life (our favourite Christmas movie).

Our Christmas tree on Christmas Eve.

My husband woke up very sick on Christmas morning.

Waking up my oldest daughter on Christmas morning.

My daughter's gift to her little sister.

How my baby opens her gifts....

A tutu!

My daughter opened her toy food set and said,
"Let me read the instructions; Blah, blah, blah, blah blah."

A big mess.

A special toy from Nana & Papa.

Passed out.

It was a quiet Christmas. A little sad too. I cried my eyes out as I drove to my parent's house on Christmas day. I felt so sorry for my poor husband who spent most of his Christmas day alone.

How was your Christmas? I would love to hear how you spent your holidays!


  1. Adorable pics. Don't feel bad...everyone is prone to Atleast one very bad Christmas. Just look at the woman in NY who lost all 3 daughters and her parents in a house fire on Christmas. Then u will thank god your hubby is ok.

  2. So sorry your husband was sick! :( Awesome pics! Here's to a Happy and HEALTHY New Year! :D


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