Dec 7, 2011

I Blame The Adults

Have you seen this video? It made me feel sick. It made me cry.
Bullying has been in the headlines for many years now... but when is it going to stop? I blame the adults. Yes, I do.
  • I blame the teachers who are so busy, they have no idea what's going on behind their backs.
  • I blame the lunch supervisors who don't know what to look for.
  • I blame the parents who are too busy to know that their child is a bully or being bullied.
  • I blame the parents who allow their children to engage in online activity but rarely monitor it.
  • I blame the adults who are too afraid to be an advocate and a voice for the children in their lives.
  • I blame the adults who have neglected to teach children the appropriate way to express themselves.
  • I blame the adults who advise children wrongly when bullying is brought to their attention.
  • I blame the adults who are poor role models for children... the ones who participate in slander and gossip.
  • I blame the adults who don't take a strong stand against bullying.
  • I blame the adults and policy-makers who do not put enough effort and funding into anti-bullying strategies and programs.
  • I blame the adults who have neglected to give children a strong moral and spiritual compass.

I wish I could give this boy a hug and show him that he is loved... that he is worthy... that he is special and that he is a gift and a blessing to others. But all I can do is take the time to encourage the adults out there to be responsible... to look for signs of bullying and to deal with it swiftly and effectively. The children, our children, your children, are counting on you... they shouldn't have to make a video like this to get our attention.

Anti-Bullying Websites


  1. I saw this the other day, as a mom to 3 boys, it broke my heart.

  2. Bullying in any form is wrong. I agree, the parents are often left out and ignored in these bullying cases. Where are the kids learning it and why the heck aren't the parents supervising their kids better or disciplining them when they do mess up? There are a lot of bullies in school, always have been but it seems like lately they've just gotten more cruel and out of hand. That poor boy.

    I blame the adults who are teachers and principals at these schools too. Why aren't they supervising the kids better? I don't believe that they had "no idea". You can walk around your school and see obvious cliques and if you listen to what they say when they think adults don't hear, it's awful. This has to end!!

    Great blog and great way to bring attention to a point of view of the bullying stories that many avoid discussing. Parents are just as guilty as their kids who bully.

  3. This video just had me in tears... It is so hard to watch this boy in so much pain and know that he isnt the only victim of bullying. This video shares a very powerful message and I really hope it is brought to the attention of adults everywhere. I am going to share this with followers on my blog, too. Thanks for the great post.


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