Oct 31, 2011

Wonderful Weekend Reflections

It's Monday and I'm still basking in the glow of a wonderful weekend! In no particular order, here are the highlights!

  • Date night with my husband Friday night (great Indian food and fantastic conversation).
  • Some Christmas shopping was done! Yes... we started already and we're almost done!
  • Playing board games with my eldest daughter.
  • Converting my daughter's blue school house into a hospital.

  • Completing some much needed cleaning and organizing.
  • Coffee!
  • Delicious pasteries Saturday morning (I love it when my husband surprises me)!
  • Finishing a variety of projects that have been weighing me down.
  • Church Saturday night! The best praise and worship followed by a three part monologue about the prodigal son. Awesome!
  • Matching pajamas.

  • Shopping for snowsuits for the kids.
  • Coffee!
  • Baby cuddles and 3-year-old giggles.
  • Pumpkin carving.

  • The look on my baby's face when she first saw the carved pumpkins.

  • Roasting pumpkin seeds.
  • Knitting! It's not spectacular but practice makes perfect right?
  • Watching shows with the hubby.
  • AND... dipping into the Halloween candy (just a little).

I just love weekends like these. Lots of memorable moments and family time. What did you do this weekend?


  1. I love the hospital.
    We carved pumpkins too.
    We also had a friend drop off a Spooky Gingerbread house. Hope to make it tonight!

  2. Cute P.J's!!

    Looks like it was the perfect weekend!


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