Aug 11, 2011

Vote For Pedro('s Favourite Blog)

Today, I spare no shame. I fall on my knees and ask you to hear my plea. Desperate times really do call for desperate measures.

Okay... enough of the dramatics, here's the deal.

There's this great group in Alberta, Modern Mama. This mom-focused group plans events involving fashion, lifestyle and parenting. For a small fee, moms can attend these events (and what's great is for a few extra dollars, there's nannies on site to hang with your baby while you eat, shop, socialize , etc.).

For the month of August, this business is running a contest for Alberta's Best Mommy Blogger and yours truly is one of the contenders! Now are you excited or what???!!!

Here's where the begging and pleading comes in. I need your vote. Really and truly. There is a restriction of only one vote per IP address so I need your help. Wherever you are in the blogging/online world, your vote counts!

What's in it for me? If I win, I get a personal technical consultation for my blog AND some assistance with beautifying my brand and blog as well! So really, this prize is for you, my loyal readers!

How do you vote? Simply click this "pretty in pink" button and cast your vote for The Deliberate Mom. That's all. Easy.

Thanks so much for hearing my plea and for showing your support!

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