Dec 28, 2010

The Missing Ingredient

Last night, I looked through the fridge and cupboards for inspiration as to what to make for dinner. I decided to make Teriyaki salmon on a bed of rice with steamed vegetables on the side.

The salmon needed to be marinated for at least an hour before baking so I got to work immediately... and then IT happened. There was no brown sugar to be found. How could I make Teriyaki sauce without brown sugar? Of course, I did what any other desperate person, who does not want to leave the house, does... I searched the Internet for a brown sugar substitute.

What do you know? Within minutes I had my solution. I was so excited that I had to share it with you. Brown sugar is simply white sugar with molasses mixed into it.

Brown Sugar Recipe
1 cup white sugar
1 Tbsp molasses

Add both ingredients to a bowl. Mix well until thoroughly combined.

How easy was that???!!! I was so impressed with the results I fed a teaspoon of the brown sugar to my husband. He couldn't believe I made it myself!!!

As soon as I finished my sauce I took the salmon out of the fridge. It was no good. Unfortunately, the Internet couldn't help me with a substitute for salmon fillets but at least I learned how to make brown sugar!!!


  1. That's awesome Jennifer! But what if you don't have molasses? Molasses isn't something I normally keep around. Sorry to hear your Salmon was no good! On the bright side I can relate to you a little more now that you don't seem so perfect! LOL!!!

  2. I'm pretty sure ingredient substitutions is what the internet was made for! Love it!!! Too bad about the salmon. I think I would have opted for popcorn after that ;)

  3. Ah man... Bad salmon after all of that? That stinks.

  4. Ooo awesome! I had a similar dilemma with brown sugar a couple of weeks ago! I was making gingerbread and my brown sugar was hard as a rock and I didn't have hours and hours to soften it with apples or bread. I managed to scrape off enough but I'll keep your recipe in mind next time!


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