Oct 21, 2010

Sentimental Mom Series - Part II - The Birthday Tablecloth

Call me sentimental. Call me nostalgic. I am notorious for collecting keepsakes which capture moments in time with my little girl. Welcome to the Sentimental Mom Series; assorted ideas to inspire your own commemorative mementos of the time spent with your children.

Part II
Birthdays are wonderful times to capture special moments. When we were planning my daughter's first birthday party we were trying to come up with environmentally-friendly ways to decorate. Instead of using a disposable tablecloth, we purchased a white fabric tablecloth and provided fabric markers so that friends and family members could write birthday messages to her.

A fabric tablecloth that can be signed with fabric markers on every birthday. #DIY #keepsake #birthday
We will bring out the birthday tablecloth every year on our daughter's birthday and add new messages to it. I hope that one day it will be an extra special keepsake for her.

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