Oct 3, 2010

I'm Not Going to Let Caring for the Environment Kill Me

Greenhouse gases. Polluted waters. Melting polar ice caps. Animals in threat of extinction. Oil spills. Hazardous waste. Global warming. Climate change. When you read the headlines - news about our depleting planet is everywhere. It is perhaps one of the hottest topics of the 21st century.

Ever since I gave birth to my little girl, protecting and preserving our beautiful planet has been of increasing importance to me. I do my part to stay on top of our family's carbon footprint and I have a variety of strategies to ensure we are doing little damage to the planet.

This year we started our own garden. We compost. We use environmentally-friendly cleaning products. We have most of our electronics on power bars which we shut off when we're not home. About 30% of the food we buy is organic. Our daughter wears cloth diapers 85% of the time. We use cloth wipes on our daughter. We are minimalists and refrain from buying new. We recycle. We precycle, thus, we "minimize household waste by buying products with minimal, recycled and/or recyclable packaging" (HR Clean, 2004, p. 2). We utilize reusable shopping bags. We buy second-hand. We sell or donate items rather than throwing them out. We monitor our water usage. We do so much but it's never enough.

Caring about the environment is exhausting and I'm afraid it will kill me. The worry, the stress, the anxiety over what to buy and what product to use is overwhelming. Today I am going to say that I do a lot to protect and preserve our world... I am doing my part. Today, I am doing enough.

HR Clean. (2004). Reach for a change: Precycle. Retrieved June 23, 2010 from
http://www.hrclean.org/pdf/Precycle%20BrochurePDC.pdf .

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