Oct 28, 2010

Clean Collage

I like providing a variety of art activities for my little girl. I believe that like literacy, creativity needs to be fostered. In particular, open-ended art projects are especially important in our house. Painting, drawing, sculpting... all of these activities have no right or wrong way of doing them. They are projects which allow for infinite creativity and imagination.

Recently, I tried a no-mess collage with my daughter. It's now a new favourite activity in our household. This art project is so flexible it can be done with older infants and young toddlers!

What's Needed
Clear "Contact" shelving paper cut into a large rectangle
Miscellaneous recycled materials (e.g. tissue paper, yarn, ribbon, wrapping paper scraps, fabric pieces, etc.)

The Process
Cut a large rectangle out of the clear Contact paper.

Tape the contact paper onto a flat surface (a table or easel). The paper/writing should be facing up (See the picture below).

Gather and prepare a variety of recycled materials and place in a container.

Peel off the paper covering from the contact paper (the surface should now be sticky).

Encourage your child to place/arrange the recycled materials onto the sticky surface. Isn't that great! No glue!

They can stick as much or as little as they want onto the paper.

I love that if the sticky paper is not too full of materials, it can be stuck to a wall as is. The contact paper does not have a damaging glue and can be easily removed from a wall when it's done being displayed (see the picture below).

My daughter loves this art project! It's something she can do with ease and she makes all the decisions as to what items to use and where to place them.

"Every child is an artist.
The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up."
~Pablo Picasso~


  1. GREAT idea Jennifer! I'm going to have to go buy some of that paper - I know the kids would love that.

  2. Thanks Jody! I'm sure both of your children will love this activity. It takes a little bit of prep time but definitely worth it!

  3. Awesome! Where do you get the contact paper?

  4. Natalie: I usually buy mine at Superstore (about $3.99/roll). It can also be found at WalMart and Zellers. It's usually kept in the housewares & kitchen or laundry & home organization part of the store. If you ask a salesperson for assistance, refer to it as "shelving paper".

  5. Ooo! Awesome! I did a similar project with my art class once, except using fall leaves and sticks. I love the ribbon! I had to use glue though which was a little messy (kids were 5+ at least). I love the contact paper idea! So much cleaner!

  6. I've done that with the leaves before too (but not sticks). The leaves stick well to contact paper if they're not too dry.

  7. I think that kids are not afraid to express themselves... We become less confident as we get older:)

  8. Thanks!
    I know Eva will love this :)

  9. Contact paper is so great for art activities with little hands. I love it!


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