Sep 12, 2010

About Becoming a Deliberate Mom

We live in a rushed world. Whether we stay at home to care for our children or we are in the workforce, the pace of the world rushes us from one day to the next. Before we know it, we hear ourselves articulating the phrases that we can’t stand… “Where did time go?” or “Time flies by so fast.”

How can we slow down and enjoy the time we have with our children and families?

Being a deliberate mom means looking for ways in which to slow down, enjoy our children and navigate the schedules and expectations that motherhood thrusts upon us.

Being a deliberate mom means being intentional with what we do; how we relate to our children, how we maintain our homes and how we choose to impact the world around us.

Welcome to The Deliberate Mom… a blog dedicated to the various ways in which to enrich the experience of motherhood. Articles will cover a variety of topics such as;

- Being frugal

- Being environmentally friendly

- Planning activities for your children

- Time management

- Dealing with the struggles motherhood may present

- Things to help you relax

We can all be deliberate moms. Our time with our children shortens as each day passes. Embrace today and every moment in it. Let’s make a pact to make every day count.

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